Slab Warehouse

Our Warehouse

Via Aurelia Ovest 355/A

At our warehouse-showroom in via Argine Destro Carrione, Carrara, we offer rough and semi-finished slabs of marble that rank among the finest and are sourced from all over the world.

The store includes a large outdoor stock yard and a bright interior showroom displaying the many stone materials available, including Apuan Marbles, Botticino, Daino, Breccia, Travertine, Eramosa, White Namibia. Darmar provides for the polishing and finishing of raw slabs ready for sale. Our qualified staff assist customers in the selection and handling of materials.

Our Slab Warehouse and Photo Gallery are updated in real time. Enter to view all available material, complete with photos, sizes and quantities.

In order to make our business more efficient, we have set up a direct line with our customers  with a personalized newsletter to provide real-time information about new arrivals. Via the newsletter customers can also connect to our online warehouse to check information on the materials we have available, complete with image, size and quantity. If you haven’t registered, please sign up